Our Vision

As Swale Borough Council started to give consideration to the future expansion of Faversham to meet local needs, the Duchy of Cornwall’s land at the south east edge of the town was identified as the most sustainable location for growth, and so the Duchy began to seriously look at ways in which it could bring forward a high quality landscape-led plan for a mixed-use walkable community on it’s land.

The Duchy of Cornwall have long been concerned with the quality of the natural and built environment and strongly believe in sustainable land stewardship. This often means making the right long term decisions, and recognising that truly sustainable communities come from the creation of places where the whole genuinely is greater than the sum of the parts. Careful consideration is being given to the architecture and materials but also the landscape ecology, soil, air and water of the land which can actually all be improved over time by sensitive development, intelligent land uses and management practices.

Beautifully-designed public spaces and streets will be designed around the pedestrian rather than the car, and provide a sense of wellbeing and connection to nature, helping to create a new community that will thrive in the longest term, for people and planet.

This is the vision for South East Faversham which is described in a bit more detail over the next few pages.


In accordance with the Swale Local Plan Review 2021 allocation, and guided by the local community through public engagement workshops and consultation events, the Duchy is drafting plans to deliver a high quality, sustainable, landscape-led, mixed use community that will become a thriving new urban extension to the town.

The design has focused on the landscape and ecology strategy to boost biodiversity across the masterplan.The Duchy can only provide a truly environmentally and socially sustainable neighbourhood by investing in communities for the long term and working with local partners and leading experts to deliver its ambitious plans.

Locally, our partnerships include investments into Faversham’s cricket and football clubs. At a national level, we have chosen to work with leading specialists in the UK to ensure our neighbourhood is self sustaining, zero carbon and water neutral.

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Working Together

The masterplan displayed today has been shaped by previous consultations in 2018 and 2021 and 2022.

Our updated plans place a greater emphasis on homes suitable for first time buyers and those on the local housing waiting list; a range of property types are provided in terraced streets, mews and courtyards surrounded by street trees, productive green spaces and habitats that will help improve air quality and deliver a 20% net gain in biodiversity.


The Duchy undertook an ‘Enquiry by Design’ process in 2018 to help shape a masterplan framework rooted in the aspirations of local people for their community.


In September 2021, we invited local people to discuss the emerging masterplan with us as part of an ongoing process of engagement.

We carefully reviewed feedback to ensure any changes incorporate the valuable suggestions and comments provided by the community.


In October 2022 an online Housing Need Perception Survey was commissioned to better understand what the community believes are the priorities for Faversham.


The results from this survey helped focus the consultation material that we showed at our public event in November 2022 when stakeholders and the community were invited to view the updated masterplan.


Continued engagement with local people as we looked to finalise our proposals.


In December 2023 we submitted our planning application to Swale Borough Council.

Indicative Phasing Programme

South East Faversham will be built over a 20-year period with approximately 120-150 houses being delivered on average each year.