Homes & Jobs

One of our main priorities will be to provide homes which are affordable to local people. What’s more, we will be delivering new infrastructure and career opportunities for local people, helping us deliver a truly sustainable community.

Homes & Jobs

In accordance with the Swale Local Plan Review 2021 allocation, the Duchy of Cornwall has been working with local people to draw up plans for a mixed income, mixed use sustainable community of 2,500 homes together with jobs.

The proposals build on the lessons the Duchy of Cornwall has learnt from the thriving sustainable communities of Poundbury and Nansledan. In the early 1990’s HRH The Prince of Wales pioneered the integration of private and affordable homes in Poundbury, to encourage vibrant and diverse communities where everyone walked down the same streets.

South East Faversham will follow the same principle with all affordable homes designed and built to the same high-quality standards, indistinguishable from market homes.

A well balanced, mixed income community helps social cohesion by ensuring everyone has an equal stake in their community, with access to opportunities that are not always available to those growing up in estates designated for ‘social housing’.

To this end, South East Faversham will be an attractive, modern and enjoyable place in which people can live, work, shop and relax.

It will be guided by local needs and inspired by the character of Faversham.

Homes that meet local housing needs

“There is a shortfall of housing in Swale Borough, and this is reflected in high property prices and unaffordability in the local housing market”

Housing Market Assessment (June 2020)

While the Local Plan is under review we are committed to delivering the policy level of affordable housing across a range of tenures.

The Duchy has a strong track record for integrating high quality affordable homes and we have a preference for social rented homes, in order to help people on low incomes thrive in SE Faversham.

The Duchy is also exploring options for a private rented model to help local people who might not be prioritised on the housing waiting list to ensure they are still able to access a quality home with predictable rents and security of tenure.

Affordable housing will be integrated throughout the scheme to contribute to a truly mixed community. The Duchy will restrict homes to being occupied as a home, not a holiday letting business, to ensure the new homes are kept available to meet local needs.

Jobs in a mix of uses throughout a walkable community

Working with local people, the plans are being designed so that homes are integrated with community facilities and places to work. By integrating residential, retail and business uses with community facilities and green spaces, people are able to live, work and play without the reliance on motor vehicles. Mixing uses means people will be able meet many of their daily needs within a short distance of their homes and jobs rather than having to use a car. 

This will be achieved by integrating small workshop and retail spaces into larger blocks to cater for small independent, artisan businesses to establish and then thrive, alongside professional services and community uses.

These plans include provision for a range of food stores and independent retailers, craftmakers and producers. There will also be space for restaurants, cafes and flexible office spaces on the new local high street, with smaller local centres dotted through the development for convenience.

There will be a new primary school and options are being explored for a care home and potentially a range of health related facilities. A new employment area is also being allocated on the eastern part of the site, with light industrial and distribution businesses encouraged to relocate nearer junction 7 of the M2.

All these proposals combined mean the Duchy expects to be able to achieve its goal of one job per household as it has managed at Poundbury and on track to achieve in Nansledan.

Late-night shopping event at Teylu Trading, Nansledan
Shiva Yoga Studio and Café, Nansledan