Digging For History

Digging For History

29th July 2022

From Monday 1 August 2022, for six weeks, archaeologists will be working on site on the Duchy of Cornwall estate to further our understanding of its history. The team will be focusing its efforts in areas of interest identified by a recent geo-physical survey.

The Duchy of Cornwall, which owns the land, will share any interesting finds and artefacts unearthed with the local community. Experts from Oxford Archaeology and Landgage Heritage believe there are some signs of previous habitation, possibly dating back to Roman times.

“Archaeology sheds light on how we used to live and promotes better understanding of our history and culture. We hope any results from the dig will tell us more about the land at South East Faversham and how it has evolved over time.”

Ben Murphy, Estate Director at Duchy of Cornwall

“We have a good chance of finding some Roman archaeology here as we are near sites that have been successfully excavated. The Romans were actually quite modern in their outlook, especially with their passion for innovation and technology. This extends to where they chose to live and how they developed supporting infrastructure. With close-by Roman roads, we hope to find evidence of their lives here.”

Will Bedford, Director of Landgage Heritage