South East Faversham is being designed to foster a strong community spirit like many other parts of Faversham. This shall be achieved by the provision of a wide range of housing types, jobs and services to create a place that will encourage social lives, healthier behaviour and independence into old age. A focus shall also be placed on enhancing existing and future residents’ wellbeing by providing access to nature and catering for core needs required for a high quality of life.

Building Community

  • The Proposed Development will form a new community with a strong sense of economic purpose by creating opportunities for new and existing local businesses, providing jobs for local people.
  • The neighbourhood will include a range of house types, sizes and tenures to meet local housing needs, other forms of tenure being explored include care homes, extra care and later living housing, private rented housing and custom build housing.
  • Build upon the existing strong sense of community spirit that exists in Faversham by encouraging an active community through the provision of well designed and well connected streets, community buildings and meeting places which are accessible to all, help to foster social cohesion and encourage greater physical activity.
Line dancing festival in Pummery Square, Poundbury
Cheeky Monkeys playgroup in one of the many play parks on Poundbury

Quality of Life

  • A neighbourhood designed to focus on local people’s core needs; homes where living standards are enhanced by the quality of accommodation and surrounding environment, new job opportunities, the provision of services and facilities, wider connectivity through public transport links and places for play and leisure for all ages to encourage social interaction and connections to nature.
  • New three form entry primary school located centrally that will be a focus for the community and encourage walking to school.
  • Financial contributions to secondary education.
  • The Duchy of Cornwall is actively engaging with health authorities to explore how it can contribute to local health services.

Access to Nature and local healthy foods

  • A close connection to nature will be promoted through the provision of tree lined streets, open green spaces, meadows, orchards, allotments and wider connections to the countryside which in turn will encourage residents to be physically active.
  • The rich soil and temperate climate makes a great place for growing food. Drawing on the Duchy’s experience at Nansledan and Poundbury, every possible corner will be used for orchards, allotments and productive gardens. Local markets will link to food grown on the adjacent Duchy farmland.
  • Schools and groups of all ages will be encouraged to connect and learn through planting and harvesting food. And the active, productive management of the land will help humans, wildlife and community.
Allotmenteers in Damers First School, Poundbury

Sports Clubs

  • Faversham Cricket Club are committed to relocating the club ground to a large central green in South East Faversham, placing the club at the heart of the new community. A new pavilion and facilities will be provided alongside the new cricket field, which will become a new community space for hire.
  • Faversham Town Football Club are to remain in their current location adjacent to the A2 Canterbury Road with the Duchy funding a new 3G Pitch on their main ground to ensure this thriving community club can continue to grow its level of provision to a wide range of players of all abilities. As part of these proposals the club will develop a new training pitch facility on Duchy land to the south of the current ground, further enhancing their facilities for the town.