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We aim to address housing shortages in Faversham and the surrounding area by providing 2,500 beautiful, high-quality and affordable homes and jobs in a vibrant mixed-use, mixed income, and walkable community. This new neighbourhood for Faversham, built over a period of 20 years, aims to provide an equality of opportunity for all, with access to housing, education, employment, and enterprise regardless of background.

Our design will complement the unique historic character and identity of Faversham.

During six years of design work and community consultation, the team has created a masterplan underpinned by the following principles.

Creating a beautiful neighbourhood, incorporating the unique character of Faversham and its rich history.

Sustainable Stewardship for Communities, Enterprise and Nature

The Duchy has unrivalled experience of delivering unique communities that complement existing places, deliver local needs and keep local interests at heart.

The Success of Poundbury, Dorset

Poundbury’s success has been recognised far beyond Dorset and many of the founding principles of Poundbury have now been incorporated into Government Planning Policy.

Today, Poundbury is home to approximately 3,800 people in a mix of market sale, rented and 30% affordable housing. The community provides employment for over 2,300 people in over 230 businesses, many of which started in Poundbury and ensure that most of your daily needs can be met on foot.

The Growth of Nansledan, Cornwall

Increasingly recognised as a model for building thriving sustainable communities that deliver local needs, Nansledan has a strong local Cornish character derived from the people who live and work there and through design supported by buildings using local materials.

Starting in 2015, it has so far delivered 750 homes, a new primary school, over 40 shops and business premises and over 60 acres of greenspace ranging from wildflower meadows to orchards and allotments, with a forecast 24% Biodiversity Net Gain in Habitat and 48% Biodiversity Net Gain in Hedgerows.

Credit – Hugh Hastings

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